Monday, June 25, 2007

Mei quinófes


mrana said...

Wow these are all absolutely gorgeous, I love seeing the way you've done them (especially creating the bird and the girl out of coloured blotches!)and the final results are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

ur work is so beautiful my friend!
The colors the faces the mood just everything!! love ur work a lot!! keep it up

ana b said...

Lindo de morrer =)
Vou te enviar um email com as normas e a ficha de inscrição para a Bienal.

Istari said...

adoro os teus desenhos! és realmente muito talentoso. Parabéns

L Filipe dos Santos said...

mrana, thank you very much!! well, sometimes i like the unfinished versions best, hehehe:)

duc, thank you very vey much! :)

ana, só agora é que li o comentario. primeiro um grande obrigado, segundo, mmm, que bienal?! bem o mail é corcoise arroba gmail ponto com, :D

istari, muito muito obrigado!volta sempre!

janie said...

beautiful work.

La Jugueteria said... encanta tu trabajo...bellisimo

Kirsty said...

I love these so much. Do you sell them?

L Filipe dos Santos said...

thank you :)
I can't sell these ones because i don't have them with me now, but if you're interested check my etsy shop and maybe there's something there that you like :)