Friday, August 10, 2012

What happened to me in the last few months

June 10th...

... 4 or 5 days later, the recommended rest was interrupted. I began to notice problems in my vision, having reached a point where I could not even distinguish colors nor shapes. I could only see dark areas and areas less dark, nothing more. After being consulted by several doctors, I was finally diagnosed as having Harada's syndrome. Early predictions were disappointing: "Filipe, you may end up blind, deaf, without melanin, and without the ability to maintain balance." I started taking large doses of corticosteroids. Looks like I was on time. It has worked. I can see again. But still unable to see colors as I saw before. Oh Yellow, I miss you so much.
At the moment I walk lame, I'm colorblind and I just got a mighty cold. Therefore, you can figure out why the lack of uploads in recent months.
Now I'm back.

(I apologize to everyone who sent me mail and never got an answer... if it was something important, please contact me again. Thanks.)


Steph said...

I really hope you get well soon Corcoise, you are my favourite illustrator/artist (and have been for a long time!!)

Best wishes for your health.

L Filipe dos Santos said...

Thanks a lot for your kindness, Steph! I feel great, 'cause the doctors say I've been recovering well, YEAH! :D